Trembling Aluminum compression with magnetic wave density, rage of Magneto.

Mega sound curve: Moox professional Electro-acoustic engineering enables the sound curve to triple rebound instantly and systematically between the driver and Triangular aluminum housing, resulting in punchy bass while mids and highs present violently.

Ultra Lite: Forged with Lite aluminum, designed for sports and fitness usage, enhance long lasting wearing experience.

Ultimate Bass powered by MX8e professional high-intensity bass driver with T2 Cushy foam tips, Noise Isolation

Aluminum Crafted

Fine Aluminum grinded housing, crafting performance and perfection

Aluminum Crafted: Fine Aluminum grinded cavity housing, forged into Triangular aluminum housing giving unique aluminum experience as sound curves resonance through aluminum housing,crafting performance and perfection.

Motion Steady: Lite Aluminum design equipped with T2 Cushy foam tips, giving customized and exact fit at the ear tunnel giving stabilized wearing experience. Obtaining maximum Noize isolation and best sound quality for both casual and sports usage.

Ultimate Bassx2

Powered by MX8e professional high-intensity bass driver with T2 Cushy foam tips, giving multi-layers and spacious experience, performing saturated and ultimate bass experience.


MOOX T2 comfy foam tips: One set
Silicone tips set
In-line mic
O5 Revolver pouch

Driver unit MX8 full range 8mm neodymium driver
Cavity housing Steel alloy
Sensitivity 101 +/- 3dB @ 1kHz
Frequency 10 - 22,000Hz (-10dB @ 1kHz)
Impedance 16Ω
Ear-Tips silicone ear tips set - MOOX T2 Foam Tips
Noise isolation Up to 23dB
In-line control Single button with mic
Cable length 1.3m symmetrical y-split